Corno Mountain Cliffs

ATTENZIONE: Il Comune di Val Brembilla comunica che la falesia e la ferrata del Monte Corno sono momentaneamente chiuse e che i proprietari hanno provveduto a recintare l'area per impedire l'accesso. 
Si invitano quindi gli escursionisti a non accedervi finché non ci saranno nuove comunicazioni in merito e non saranno risolti gli adempimenti previsti dalle normative in materia di sicurezza, collaudi e responsabilità

To reach the cliff walk the path 596, in the direction of Corno  Mountain - Castle of the Queen. The path leaves from the main square of Cavaglia. Aluminum plates with a red lizard are placed along the way to show the right path. At the crossroads with the path equipped for the walls, continue by taking the "normal" path on the right.  You will arrive at the feet of Mount Còren (30 min.), where it is possible to see the terracing at the base of the wall. The cliff was discovered in the late '80s, when Paolo Gervasoni with the help of some friends began to draw and spiking the first routes (Sun Sector). This first sector comprises about fifteen climbs and is characterized by a steep wall of limestone with small holes and notches. The grades range from the 6th until the 8th and require  a good climbing technique.

For information contact the ‘Lucertole Brembilla’ group:

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities available in the area:

• Sports center for 11-team budding football, athletics track and cycling - Location La Piana, via Ravagna

• Outdoor Sports center for  11-team soccer and tennis – Location Villaggio Europa

• Sports Hall, indoor courts for volleyball, basketball, 5 soccer, climbing - Location Via Valletta

• Outdoor Sports center for 7 football team and tennis - Location Laxolo

• Outdoor Sports playground - Location Camorone

• Outdoor Sports playground – Location Sant’ Antonio Abbandonato

• Outdoor Sports playground - Location Gerosa

• Sports center – 5-team football, basketball, volleyball - Oratory of Brembilla

Info and reservation at the municipality of Val Brembilla: Tel 0345 330001 – Email:

Lacca del Roccolino

Natural cave located on the road to Pizzo Cerro, a 20-minute walk from Catremerio. Entrance at 1150 m, depth m.125. First well at 25 meters – in-site wells at m.40 and 17. Length m.140.

One of the most beautiful caves of Val Brembana, it appears to the visitor among green and spacious meadows. The entrance opens on top of a large well of 25 meters depth from the cliffs. From the bottom of the well two tunnels branch, leading to other wells. The cave is full of stalactites and conformations representing the game of water in fountains and majestic columns, niches alternating with groups of stalactites.

The cave is currently closed.

Small Fishing Lake

The fishing lake is in Brembilla, located in Capreduzzo , near a leisure complex that includes a playground and a pitch for campers.  The fishing lake is run by the Brembilla Fishermen Association and hosts numerous fishing competitions throughout the year. During the patronal feast of every June 13th events take place at the lake.

For information and reservations call:

Pitch for Campers

Free pitch for campers equipped with water drainage, column for water and electricity and sanitation facilities. Nearby there is a lake for fishing and a playground for children.

Open all year

Coordinates: N 45.82476, E 9.59277

Address: Via Donizetti 24012 Val Brembilla (BG)

Panoramic point at Sant’Antonio Abbandonato

In Sant’Antonio Abbandonato location, near the church and the sports field, it is possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the plains from Val Brembilla. On clear days it is easy to see the Apennines of Emilia Romagna and distinctly many buildings in the Lombard plain.

A paradise to forget for a moment the frenzy of modern life and be enchanted by the beauty of the area.