The rustic church of Malentrata, with a small courtyard, is located on a grassy ramp between Malentrata Low and Ca' Zanardi, adjoining the old muletrack that goes to St. Anthony.

The church presents a rustic architecture from the eighteenth century, with such a perfect outdoor walls apparatus that the homogeneity of the stone has rendered the plaster superfluous. Built in 1736 by Bernardino Rota, the church is dedicated to St. Filippo Neri and St. Martino. Both of them appear next to the Virgin, on the canvas of the apse.

The church, located between steep green meadows, entirely made of stone and tiles on its roof, with a small bell and the unique chimney, stands picturesquely at the mountains slopes.

A weekend per year the district celebrates St. Marino with a religious procession and an open kitchen with traditional food at the old school of Malentrata.

Parish of Brembilla - Via Malentrata - Val Brembilla - Tel. 0345 98065